Historical and Descriptive Account of British India, from the Most Remote Period to the Present Time, etc. Vol. II. With a Map and Engravings

Hugh Murray, et al. / NY: J. & J. Harper 1832
volume two only, 333 pp., 16mo, later 1/8 lea., lea. corners & marbled boards rubbed, several pages dog eared ar lower corners, ownership markings, text clean & binding tight. Volumes Included: 1

Subject/Keywords: british empire history economics geography jcm

Item #: 1146389


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Faith and Liberty: The Economic Thought of the Late Scholastics (Studies in Ethics and Economics)

Chafuen, Alejandro A. / Lexington Books 2003
172 pp., Paperback, new. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 0739105418
Subject/Keywords: ggj ethics economics theology

Item #: 1147274


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Omnipotent Government: The Rise of the Total State and Total War

Von Mises, Ludwig / Libertarian Press 1985
291 pp., Paperback, NEW!!. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 0910884153
Subject/Keywords: economics ggj

Item #: 1146970


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Theory and History: An interpretation of social and economic evolution. With a new preface by Murray N. Rothbard

Ludwig Von Mises / The Ludwig Von Mises Institute 1985
384 pp., Hardcover, NEW in a NEW dust jacket. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 0870000705
Subject/Keywords: ggj economics

Item #: 1146969


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The History of the British Bank of the Middle East: Vol. 2, Banking and Oil

Jones, Geoffrey, Bostock, Frances, Gerenstein, Grigori, Nichol, Judith / Cambridge University Press 1987
359 pp., Hardcover, dust jacket, ex library, else text clean & binding tight. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 0521323231
Subject/Keywords: banking economics

Item #: 1146941


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Monetary Expansion in the Confederacy

John M. Godfrey / Arno Press 1978
145 pp., Hardcover, ex library, else text clean and binding tight. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 0405110340
Subject/Keywords: economics,

Item #: 1146782

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A History of Marxian Economics. Volume I, 1883-1929

Howard, M. C., King, J. E. / Princeton University Press 1989
373 pp., Hardcover, NEW in a NEW dust jacket. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 0691042500
Subject/Keywords: economics marxism ggj

Item #: 1146225


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Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis

Ludwig von Mises / Liberty Fund 1981
569 pp., hardcover, fine. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 0913966622
Subject/Keywords: economics sociology ggj

Item #: 1146226


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Technical Analysis of Stock Trends, Sixth Edition

Edwards, Robert D., Magee, John / John Magee 1991
6th edition, 624 pp., Hardcover, fine in very good dust jacket. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 0139043438
Subject/Keywords: ggj economics

Item #: 1146467


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Wealth and Poverty (ICS Series in Self-Governance)

Gilder, George / ICS Press 1993
327 pp., Paperback, NEW!!!. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 1558152407
Subject/Keywords: ggj economics entrepreneurship

Item #: 1145981


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Ludwig Von Mises: The Man and His Economics (Library of Modern Thinkers)

Kirzner, Israel M. / Isi Books 2001
226 pp., Hardcover, new in new dust jacket. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 1882926617
Subject/Keywords: ggj economics biography

Item #: 1146113


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Historia del Movimiento Obrero 1921-1953 [Tomo III]

Edouard Dolleans / Madrid: Edita ZERO, S. A. 1973
second edition, 315, [5] pp., octao, paperback, very good. Volumes Included: 1

Subject/Keywords: spain economic history labor unions business law hs9

Item #: 1146336


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The East India Company and the British Empire in the Far East

Marguerite Eyer Wilbur / Stanford University Press 1945
Stanford University Press, 1945; first edition; 477 pp., Hardcover, very good in a worn dust jacket. Volumes Included: 1

Subject/Keywords: business history economics ggj

Item #: 1145489


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Galbraith, Harrington, Heilbroner. Economics and Dissent in an Age of Optimism

Okroi, Loren J. / Princeton University Press 1988
296 pp., Hardcover, NEW in a NEW dust jacket. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 0691077711
Subject/Keywords: economics ggj

Item #: 1145480


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A Pastoral Letter, on the Support of the Clergy, Addressed to the Wardens, Vestrymen and Parishioners in the Diocese of Vermont, by the Bishop

John H. Hopkins / Burlington: Stacy & Jameson, Printers 1854
first edition, 15 pp., paperback, extracted from larger bound volume, very good. Volumes Included: 1

Subject/Keywords: economics church history sjd

Item #: 1145088


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How to Achieve Personal and Financial Privacy in a Public Age, second edition

Mark Nestmann / LPP Ltd 1990
2nd edition (1990), 174 pp., paperback, NEW!!!. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 0962795313
Subject/Keywords: ggj economics finance

Item #: 1145657


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The implosion strategy: How to stay out of the black hole during the next recession and its aftermath

North, Gary / American Bureau of Economic Research 1990
87 pp., Paperback, very good. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 1559261307
Subject/Keywords: ggj economics

Item #: 1145656


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The Lever of Riches. Technological Creativity and Economic Progress

Mokyr, Joel / NY: Oxford University 1990
349 pp., hardcover, NEW in a NEW dust jacket. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 0195061136
Subject/Keywords: economics ggj

Item #: 1145440


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The Pastoral Letter of Bishop Potter to the Laity of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Dioces of New York

Horatio Potter / NY: [Parochial Fund] 1865
[30] pp., quarto, published as "Parochial Fund Tracts" number two, paperback, marginal fraying or tears passim, working copy. Volumes Included: 1

Subject/Keywords: episcopal church history economics sjd

Item #: 1145080


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Confusion de Confusiones: Dialogos curiosos entre un philosopho agudo, un mercader discreto y un accionista erudito

Joseph de la Vega / Madrid: Comision Nacional del Mercado de Valores 2015
710 pp., thick & heavy quarto, like new in original hard covers. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 8415040008
Subject/Keywords: economics business history hs9

Item #: 1145077


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