Mathematical Problems in Engineering and Physics: Special Functions and Boundary Value Problems

Johnson, David E., and Johnny R. Johnson / Ronald Press Co. 1965
273 pp., Hardcover, publisher bookplate to front free endpaper else very good. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 0826047904
Subject/Keywords: Mathematics physics engeineering

Item #: 1163267


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Field Theory Handbook Including Coordinate Systems Differential Equations Their Solutions

Moon, P., & D. E. Spencer / Cleveland 2003
2003 reprint of the 1988 second edition, 236 pp., SOFTCOVER, very good; AUTHORIZED FACSIMILE REPRINT. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 3540184309
Subject/Keywords: Mathematics Physics scd

Item #: 1163208


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Statistical Optics

Joseph W. Goodman / Wiley-Interscience 1985
550 pp., hardcover, very good (lacks dust jacket). Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 0471015024
Subject/Keywords: physics Optics 88z

Item #: 1163210


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Quantum Mechanics. Non-Relativistic Theory. Volume 3 of Course of Theoretical Physics. Third edition, revised and enlarged

Landau, L. D., Lifshitz, E. M. / Pergamon Press 1981
3rd edition; 673 pp., Hardcover, previous owner's name to front free endpaper else fine. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 0080209408
Subject/Keywords: physics Quantum Mechanics mcj

Item #: 1162895

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A Gauge Theory of Dislocations and Disclinations. Lecture Notes in Physics 174

Kadic, Aida, Edelen, Dominic G. B. / Springer 1983
293 pp., Paperback, very good. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 3540119779
Subject/Keywords: physics

Item #: 1163165


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Excitations in a Bose-condensed Liquid (Cambridge Studies in Low Temperature Physics)

Griffin, Allan / Cambridge University Press 1993
324 pp., Hardcover, fine. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 0521432715
Subject/Keywords: scd physics

Item #: 1162866


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Deep Down Things: The Breathtaking Beauty of Particle Physics

Schumm, Bruce A. / Johns Hopkins University Press 2004
392 pp., Hardcover, like new (lacks dust jacket). Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 080187971X
Subject/Keywords: gxx physics

Item #: 1162870


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Electromagnetic Wave Theory: Proceedings of a Symposium Held at Delft, The Netherlands, September 1965. Part 1

Brown, John, editor / Pergamon Press 1967
541 pp., hardcover, fine in a good dust jacket. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 0080119212
Subject/Keywords: hck physics

Item #: 1162802


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Basic Notions Of Condensed Matter Physics (Advanced Books Classics)

Anderson, Philip W. / Addison-Wesley 1997
576 pp., Paperback, very good. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 0201328305
Subject/Keywords: physics scd

Item #: 1162823


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Adsorption Processes on Semiconductor and Dielectric Surfaces I. Springer Series in Chemical Physics 32

Kiselev, V. F. & O. V. Krylov / Springer 1978
287 pp., hardcover, previous owner's name to the front free endpaper, else fine. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 0387124160
Subject/Keywords: chemistry physics hck

Item #: 1162824


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Special Relativity and Quantum Mechanics

Halpern, Francis R. / Prentice-Hall 1968
138 pp., hardcover, small hand stamp to front free endpaper else very good (lacks dust jacket). Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 0138271135
Subject/Keywords: quantum physics mcj

Item #: 1162695


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Particles and Waves. Historical Essays in the Philosophy of Science

Achinstein, Peter / Oxford University Press 1991
352 pp., Paperback, underlining to 6 pages else very good. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 019506755X
Subject/Keywords: physics gxx

Item #: 1162717


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The Man Who Changed Everything: The Life of James Clerk Maxwell

Mahon, Basil / Wiley 2004
256 pp., Paperback, new. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 0470861711
Subject/Keywords: physics gxx

Item #: 1162728


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Time, Causality, and the Quantum Theory: Studies in the Philosophy of Science. Vol. 1: Essay on the Causal Theory of Time (Boston Studies in the Philosophy and History of Science)

Mehlberg, Henry; Fawcett, Carolyn R., Cohen, Robert S., Benacerraf, Paul / D. Reidel 1980
308 pp., Paperback, clear tape reinforcement to spine, else text clean & binding tight. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 9027710740
Subject/Keywords: gxx physics philosophy

Item #: 1162731


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The Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. Princeton Series in Physics

Omnes, Roland / Princeton University Press 1994
xiv, 550 pp., paperback, LIKE NEW. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 0691036691
Subject/Keywords: physics gxx

Item #: 1162735


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How Experiments End

Peter Galison / University Of Chicago Press 1987
337 pp., Paperback, light wear to covers, else text clean & binding tight. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 0226279154
Subject/Keywords: Physics gxx philosophy

Item #: 1162736


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Quantum Physics For Dummies

Holzner, Steven / Wiley Publishing, Inc. For Dummies 2009
336 pp., Paperback, age-toning to page edges. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 0470381884
Subject/Keywords: Quantum physics gxx

Item #: 1162737


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Order, Chaos Order: The Transition from Classical to Quantum Physics

Philip Stehle / Oxford University Press, USA 1994
336 pp., Paperback, fine. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 019508473X
Subject/Keywords: Philosophy, Quantum Physics gxx

Item #: 1162740


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An Introduction to Quantum Physics. The M. I. T. Introductory Physics Series

A. P. French, Edwin F. Taylor / W. W. Norton & Company, Inc. 1978
xviii, 670 pp., Paperback, very good. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 0393091060
Subject/Keywords: physics Quantum gxx

Item #: 1162848


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The Quantum Quark

Andrew Watson / Cambridge University Press 2004
first edition, first printing; 464 pp., Hardcover, new in a fine dust jacket. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 0521829070
Subject/Keywords: Atomic & Nuclear Physics, Nuclear Physics, Physics, & Math, Quantum Theory gxx

Item #: 1162849


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