Healing Foods for Your Heart. A Scientific Report.

Quillin, Patrick. / NP: The Leader Company, 1990
quarto, 48 pp, near fine in paper wrappers,. Volumes Included: 1

Subject/Keywords: nutrition, health

Item #: 580713


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An Address given in the Auditorium of the National Museum on Wheat Needs of the World

Alonzo Taylor / Washington: GPO for the United States Food Administration 1917
8 pp., self wrappers, minor library markings, else good; wheat is specifically needed for the war effort, not because of any superior nutritive value, but because the French in particular don't eat or have little knowledge of how to prepare rice, corn, oatmeal, rye, or barley. Volumes Included: 1

Subject/Keywords: World War I, food nutrition agriculture

Item #: 525275


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American Journal of Clinical Nutrition volumes 1-44,

NA / Washington ? 1952
volumes 1-44, partly bound, ex library, still good-very goodvery-good. Volumes Included: 44

Subject/Keywords: Nutrition Physiology Food Illness History of Medicine

Item #: 211314


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Principles of Fruit Preservation. Second Edition

Morris, T. N. / NY: Van Nostrand 1947
198 pp., hardcover, very good. Volumes Included: 1

Subject/Keywords: Food Fruit Nutrition Recipes BE

Item #: 592925


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Mlada Hospodynka

Drubkova, Anna / Prague 1948
341, [2] pp., hardcover, corners worn, else good. Volumes Included: 1

Subject/Keywords: Czech Cooking Food Nutrition

Item #: 590161


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Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism vols. 14-32 lacks v. 20 (1972-88)

NA / NY: 1972
volumes 14-32 lacks v. 20, else an uninterrupted run of complete volumes, partly bnd., ex library, good-very good,. Volumes Included: 17

Subject/Keywords: Nutrition Food History of Medicine (Note: shorter runs, individual volumes and single issues are also available; ) PER

Item #: 175328


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Metabolic Effects of Alcohol. Proceedings of the International Symposium on Metabolic Effects of Alcohol held in Milan (Italy) on June 18-21, 1979. Developments in Nutrition and Metabolism - Volume 1.

Avogaro, Pietro; Sirtori, Cesare R.; Tremoli, Elena. / Elsevier/North Holland Biomedical Press 1979
430 pp., hardcover, minor library markings, text clean, overall very good. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 044480174X
Subject/Keywords: , metabolism, nutrition, alcohol

Item #: 485760


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The Story of Mollusks and of the Shells They Live In

Sherman, Margaret G. / Newark Museum Association 1919
original paper wrappers, 22 pp., moderate external discoloration or darkening but still, in all, good-very-good. Volumes Included: 1

Subject/Keywords: Shells Mollusks Nutrition History of Pamphlets

Item #: 526678


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Foods. Nutrition and Digestion.

Cocroft, Susanna. / Chicago: 1914
315 pp., 3rd edition, original paper wrappers, torn at spine, but overall good. Volumes Included: 1

Subject/Keywords: Nutrition

Item #: 587713


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Nutrition, Aging, and Health.

Young, Eleanor A., ed. / NY: 1986
292 pp., ex library, else text and binding clean and tight. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 0471851620
Subject/Keywords: , Nutrition, Aging, Health, Diseases

Item #: 634654


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Advances in Lipid Research. volumes 1-19 (1963-1982)

NA / NY: 1963
volumes 1-19 (NY: 1963-1982), bnd., library markings, still good;. Volumes Included: 19

Subject/Keywords: Lipids Chemistry Nutrition

Item #: 121241

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