Art News. vols. 45-68 (1946/47-1969/70)

ArtNews Associates / NY 1946
volumes 45-68 (1946/47-1969/70), partly bound, some issues or volumes are ex library, overall good. Volumes Included: 24

Subject/Keywords: Art Museology Aesthetics Painting Sculpture

Item #: 250136

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Shakespeare Association Bulletin. vols. 3-12, 14-16, 21 (1928-1946)

Samuel Aaron Tannenbaum / Shakespeare Association of America 1928
volumes 3-12, 14-16, 21 (1928-1946), all complete volumes, original paper wrappers, ex library, still very good; price is for the lot. Volumes Included: 14

Subject/Keywords: Literature Criticism Poetry Drama Shakespeare BAK

Item #: 251518

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Survey MidMonthly. vols. 69-84, 86

Survey Associates. (publisher) / NY: Survey Associates 1933
volumes 69-84, 86, quartos, most cover bound in, ex library, still good-very good, well illustrated. Volumes Included: 17

Subject/Keywords: Social Work Sociology Education Immigration Labor bakelev

Item #: 253109

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The Protectionist: Devoted to Political Economy. vols. 11-17

NA / Boston: The Home Market Club 1899
volumes 11-17, bound, ex library, still clean and very good. Volumes Included: 7

Subject/Keywords: Political Theory economics Americana Unionism BAKELEVE

Item #: 253843

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Zentralblatt fur Bibliothekswesen. vols. 21-73, 79-85

NA / Leipzig, etc.: 1904
volumes 21-73, 79-85, bound, ex library, some bindings require repairs or replacement, textually quite good. Volumes Included: 60

Subject/Keywords: Books about Books Library Publishing History BAKELEVE

Item #: 253848

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Dictionnaire d'Histoire et de Geographie Ecclesiastiques, etc. Parts 1-62 (A through Camaldules)

Baudrillart, Alfred, ed., compiler / Paris: Librairie Letouzey et Ane 1912
Parts 1-62, covering A-Camaldules, original paper wrappers, very good. Volumes Included: 35

Subject/Keywords: roman catholic religion geography

Item #: 257645


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Wechselstromtechnik, etc. Band LVIII, LVIX, LX, & LXI

Zsakula, M. T. / Wien, etc.: A. Hartleben`s Verlag 1904
4 volumes, small octavos, hardcovers, ex library, approx. 800 pp., good-very good. Volumes Included: 4

Subject/Keywords: Electricity Chemistry History of

Item #: 258065


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The Ironmonger: Universal Engineer & Metal Trades Advertiser. 1879-1903, passim

National Federation of Ironmongers / London 1879
quartos, subtitle varies somewhat, mostly a binding set, i. e.,: all were at one time bound but now the bindings are disbound; some early and final pages chipped or lacking to several volumes due to mis-treatment over the centuries but in all a spectacular collection with illustrations more prevalent in later years. Published weekly, this set lacks only 20 months or approximately 80 issues of an estimated 1222 published during 1879-1903! Note: 75 volumes = approximately 4 meters or 15 feet of shelf space!. Volumes Included: 75

Subject/Keywords: Hardware Household Goods Industrial Engineering Inventions Social History Business History Appliances Labor History of

Item #: 258471

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Poema epico de la gracia en tres cantos

Arenzana, Donato de. / Sevilla: Oficina de D. Josef de S. Roman y Codina, 1787
small octavo, [8], 111 pp, margins cut down but no loss, title has small hole hitting a few letters, several interanl leaves have very minor worming at tip, text block well sewn but needs rebinding,. Volumes Included: 1

Subject/Keywords: epic poetry, religious poetry

Item #: 258898


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Lo stato presente o sia la relazione della corte di Roma. Parte prima.

Zaccaria, Francesco Antonio (supposed author but by Girolamo Lunadoro or Gregorio Leti) / Roma: Per Giovanni Bartolomicchi, 1774
Part 1 only; 12mo, xi, [1], 327 pp, later plain paper wrappers soiled and chipped, previous owner's name on title, text very good and an untrimmed copy,. Volumes Included: 1

Subject/Keywords: Roman Catholic Church, Papacy

Item #: 259278


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Arcadian Highway. -Books 1 and 2-

Cupples, Horace C. / St. Louis: Lillian Stuart, 1916
Books 1 and 2 only (of 3), both square 16mo, in publishers cloth with pictorial onlays; Book 1, second edition revised, 98 pp; Book 2, first edition, 50, [10] pp, both ex library with binding soiled, front hinge of first volume broken, good only; a plan to grubstake the unemployed to build a grand boulevard from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico., 1000 miles long and a quarter mile wide,. Volumes Included: 1

Subject/Keywords: Americana, highways

Item #: 259283


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Annual Report: Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 1928, to 1945

United States. Federal Trade Commission / Washington: GPO 1928
volumes for 1928-1945, original paper wrappers, minor ownership markings, else good-very good, SOLD AS A LOT ONLY. Volumes Included: 19

Subject/Keywords: Business History Legal History Economics

Item #: 262456

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Remarks of Richard H. Dana, Jr., Esq. Before the Committee on Federal Relations, on the Proposed Removal of Edward G. Loring, Esq. from the Office of Judge of Probate. March 5, 1855.

Dana, Richard H., Jr. / Boston: Alfred Mudfge & Son, 1855
octavo, paper wrappers now pam bound, ex library, 28 pp., near very good. Volumes Included: 1

Subject/Keywords: Americana Legal History Government

Item #: 263845


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Further Correspondence Relating to the Affairs of Italy. Part VII, Part VIII, Part IX; Correspondence Respecting the Assumption by King Victor Emmanuel of the Title of "King of Italy", etc.

Great Britain. Parliament / London 1861
quarto, paper wrappers, approx. 200 pp., extracted from larger bound volume, about good. Volumes Included: 1

Subject/Keywords: Italian Unification British History Diplomacy

Item #: 264131


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Acts Passed at the First (Second, Third) Session of the Twenty-Fifth Congress of the United States.

United States. Congress. / Washington 1838
3 items bound as 1; First Session 11, [1], 29 (appendix) pp, Second Session 201, [1], 85 (appendix) pp, Third Session 141, [1], 77 (appendix) pp, library markings, old quarter leather binding very worn with sides detached, portions of text age toned but not fragile,. Volumes Included: 1

Subject/Keywords: Americana Government Law Politics

Item #: 267421


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Hearing before the Joint Committee on Definitions and Standards, Department of Agriculture. In Re: Baking Powder and Baking Powder Ingredients. Washington, D. C., Friday, January 14, 1916.

United States Department of Agriculture Joint Committee on Definitions and Standards. / Washington: Smith and Hulkse, Official Stenographers, 1916
[2], 246 leaves with text on rectos only, reproduced from typescript; a collection of statements by those involved in manufacture or their representatives on the ingredients in baking powder particularly on the safety of alum, albumen, or salts of aluminum; ex an industrial library and in later cloth but a sound copy with an overall clean text,. Volumes Included: 1

Subject/Keywords: baking powder, food additives

Item #: 267432


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The Game Breeder: The Object of This Magazine is to Make America the Biggest Game Producing Country in the World. Volumes 6-13

Dwight Williams Huntington / NY: Game Preservation Society 1914
volumes 6 thru 13, each complete in six issues, bound in four buckram bindings with original paper wrappers retained; ex library, well illustrated, some old moisture stains to margins & edges, abrasions to a few covers, in all still near very good. Volumes Included: 4

Subject/Keywords: Agriculture Hunting Natural History LY

Item #: 272339


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Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Stress Analysis. vols. 1-2, complete; followed by vols. 3 no 1; 5 no. 2 and vols. 6 thru 11 no. 1, AND 12 no. 2 AND vols. 13-14 complete (1945-56 passim)

Society for Experimental Stress Analysis / NY: Kraus Reprint 1945
volumes 3 no 1; 5 no. 2 and volumes 6 thru 11 no. 1, AND 12 no. 2 AND volumes 13-14 complete (1945-56 passim), facsimile reprint; original paper wrappers, PRICE IS FOR THE LOT. Note: Many individual volumes and shorter sets are also available;. Volumes Included: 13

Subject/Keywords: Mechanics Engineering

Item #: 272666

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Harper's Magazine (i.e., Harper's New Monthly Magazine, later: Harper's Monthly Magazine). vols. 1-3, 5-15, 17-32, 35 (1850/51-1867 passim)

/ New York 1850
volumes 1-3, 5-15, 17-32, 35, bound, covers and ads mostly stripped away prior to binding, most bindings worn, scuffed, detached or lacking! Textually condition varies but, in all, good; Shorter segments & individual volumes are also available. Volumes Included: 33

Subject/Keywords: American Literature History Social Philosophy Religion Politics Government bakery

Item #: 276876

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Festschrift zur Feier des 25 jahrigen Bestehens der Frankfurter Gesellschaft fur Anthropologie, Ethnologie und Urgeschichte, etc. Mit 21 Tafeln in Bunt-, Licht- oder Kunstdruck und 78 Abbildungen im Text, etc. et.

Frankfurter Gessellschaft fur Anthropologie etc. / Frankfurt a.M.: 1925
[4], 140 pp., illustrated with drawings, photographs, diagrams, etc., textually very good w/ original paper wrappers preserved in later cloth, ex library. Volumes Included: 1

Subject/Keywords: Anthropology Ethnology Religion

Item #: 278458


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