La Republique du Salvador.

Belot, Gustave de. / Paris: Chez Dentu, Libraire, 1865
first edition; [iv], 90 pp.; the text portions of the original paper sides mounted on later still paper sides stapled to the text block, good. Volumes Included: 1

Subject/Keywords: El Salvador, Central America, CRN

Item #: 810685


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Espejo de Justicia. Esbazo psiquiatrico-social de don Simon Rodriguez.

Guevara, Arturo. / Caracas: Imprenta Nacional, 1954
first edition; folio (leaves 32 cm. tall), xvi, 632, [3] pp., portrait frontispiece, full page illustrations in text; library book plate and markings, paper wrappers rubbed with one tip chipped and one corner creased, text sound with only light general age toning, good+; Simon Rodriguez, a.k.a. Samuel Robinson, 1769-1854. Volumes Included: 1

Subject/Keywords: Latin America, BBW

Item #: 819108


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The Pygoscelid Penguins. I. Method of Study. II. The Adelie Penguin, Pygoscelis adelliar, Hombron & Jacuinot. (Falkland Islands Dependencies Survey. Scientific Reports, No. 17)

Sladen, William J. L. / London: HMSO 1958
first edition; small quarto (30.5 cm. tall), 97 pp., 12 plates with multiple images, illustrations in text; library and private ownership markings, paper wrappers have a ring stain on front cover and chipped at spine with tips bent but still sound, good; includes instructions on flipper ringing without hurting or overly alarming the animal (be prepared to hold a penguin head between your knees). Volumes Included: 1

Subject/Keywords: history of science, Falklands, zoology, penguins, mc2

Item #: 849588


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The Earl of Macclesfield's Speech in the House of Peers On Monday the 18th Day of March 1750. At the Second Reading of the Bill For Regulating the Commencement of the Year, &c

Macclesfield, George Parker, Earl of. / London: printed for Charles Davies, Printer to the Royal Society 1751
first edition (1751): small quarto (21.5 cm. tall), 23 pp.; a brief but fairly involved history of calendars; extraction roughness at margin, upper outside corner has light damp stain throughout with last few leaves nibbled at tips, self wrappers. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 140768681X
Subject/Keywords: calendar reform, calendars, British history, history of science

Item #: 527463

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Collected Experimental Papers. SEVEN VOLUMES

Bridgman, P. W. (Bridgman, Percy Williams, 1882-1961) / Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1964
complete in 7 volumes, Papers 1-199, total of xxviii, 4721 pp.; original cloth (hardcovers), ex library, else text clean & bindings tight. Volumes Included: 7

ISBN: 0674137507
Subject/Keywords: history of science, high pressure physics, rk0 mmc

Item #: 705282

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La Miniatura Italiana in eta Romanica e Gotica. Atti del I Congresso di Storia della Miniatura Italiana, Cortona, 26-28 maggio 1978. (Storia della Miniatura, Studi e Documenti, 5)

Vailati Schoenburg Waldenburg, Grazia, ed. / Firenze: Lei S. Olschki, 1979
first edition; large quarto, xxiv, 621 pp., numerous black and white illustrations in text; light pucker to the pictorial on-lay on front cover of original cloth, book label of Professor Astrik L. Gabriel, his purchase receipt attached to back free endpaper, still a very good+ copy. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 882222888X
Subject/Keywords: illumination of books and manuscripts, Romanesque and Gothic miniature painting, Italy, NDZ

Item #: 707139

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Lo Studio Fiorentino, 1473-1503. Ricerche e Documenti. Volume Primo. Introduzione. Bibliografia. Ufficialli dello Studio. Rettori. Rotoli

Verde, Armando F. / Firenze: Istituto nazionale di studi sul Rinascimento, 1973
ix, [1], 394, [1] pp., frontispiece; paperback, book plate inside the front cover, else very good. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 8822241819
Subject/Keywords: history education urban studies University of Florence Italy NDZ

Item #: 707207


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The Seismic Atlas of Australian and New Zealand Sedimentary Basins.

Skillbeck, C. Gregory, & Malcolm J. Lennox, eds. / Earth Resources Foundation, University of Sydney 1984
first edition; oblong folio (leaves 38.5 cm. long), iv, 301 pp., mostly folding plate, many printed in blue and black; library hand stamps, a few leaves have creases, two of the rings do not close properly in the original imitation leather binder with metal corners but no danger of leaves becoming detached, good+; not up to date even when issued (some of the companies that supplied the data withheld their most current findings), intended instead to teach geologists about geophysics. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 0909798699
Subject/Keywords: geology, geophysics, Australia, New Zealand, ddv Oversize

Item #: 735445

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Concordance analytique de La mort le roi Artu (University of Ottawa Medieval Texts and Studies; Publications medievales de l'Universite d'Ottawa, 11)

Kunstmann, Pierre, & Martin Dube. / Ottawa: Editions de l'Universite d'Ottawa, 1982
first edition; 2 volumes, total of vi, [1], 1907, [2] pp., short preliminary remarks in French only, the main text reproduces a computer print-out and in a fairly small and somewhat difficult to read face, there is no analysis or commentary; library hand stamps and original glazed boards faded, a few leaves have corner creases, still a near very good set. Volumes Included: 2

ISBN: 2760348113
Subject/Keywords: Arthurian romances, medieval literature, concordances, CTT

Item #: 755615


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Text- Und Variantenkonkordanz zu Schillers "Kabale und Liebe".

Daly, Peter M., & Claus O. Lappe. / Berlin/NY: Walter de Gruyter, 1976
large quarto, x, [2], 682 pp., near fine in original cloth. Volumes Included: 1

ISBN: 3110022257
Subject/Keywords: Friedrich Schiller, German literature, concordances, CTT

Item #: 768935


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Frank Lloyd Wright (zum Werk von Frank Lloyd Wright). Erreumen. (Schriften des Instituts fur Kunstgeschichte, Akademie der bildenden Kunste, Wien, 1, 3)

Graf, Otto Antonia. (Frank Lloyd Wright, illustrations) / Wien (etc.): Bohlau Verlag, 2002
TWO VOLUMES. First edition, inscribed on half title of first volume and probably by the author but in keeping with the theme of the set a few geometrical elements incorporated into the signature and now illegible; Volumes 3 and 4 of the series but the complete Erraumen section (the first two volumes were Die Kunst des Quadrats, not present here); small folio (31 cm. tall), vii, [757)-1632 pp. (pagination continued from previous volumes), 8 folding plates printed on both sides at end of second volume, a large portion devoted to reproducing Wright's architectural sketches and plans, often multiple images to a page and a few partially color; the simple, light board slipcase present and books near fine in original cloth and jackets. Volumes Included: 2

ISBN: 3205770773
Subject/Keywords: modern architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright, CXX

Item #: 772027


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Reichsgesetzblatt. 1914-1937 (lacking 1928 pt. 1, 1931 pt. 2, 1932 pt. 2, 1933 pt. 2, 1934 pt. 2 1st half (if published)

Germany. Reichsministerium des Innern / Berlin 1914
47 volumes, lacking 1928 pt. 1, 1931 pt. 2, 1932 pt. 2, 1933 pt. 2, 1934 pt. 2 1st half (if published), minor ownership markings, else good-very good. Volumes Included: 47

Subject/Keywords: Germany bakery

Item #: 59123

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Societe d'Anthropologie de Paris Bulletin. Ser. 3: vols. 6-12; Ser. 4: vols. 1-10; Ser. 5: vols. 1, 2, 6; Ser. 6: vols. 3, 5, 7; Ser. 7: vols. 1/2, 5/6-9/10. Covering years 1883-1929

Paris. Societe d'Anthropologie de Paris / Paris 1883
Ser. 3: volumes 6-12; Ser. 4: volumes 1-10; Ser. 5: volumes 1, 2, 6; Ser. 6: volumes 3, 5, 7; Ser. 7: volumes 1/2, 5/6-9/10, partly bnd., some bindings require repair or replacement,. Volumes Included: 31

Subject/Keywords: AnthropologyPeriodicals

Item #: 73115

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Studies in History, Economics, and Public Law. Volumes 1-50 lacks v. 15 & 20

Columbia University. Faculty of Political Science. / NY: Columbia University Press 1891
volumes 1-50, lacking volumes 15 & 20.; library markings but largely unperused, some bindings require replacement ; each has 2 or more Ph.D. or other grad papers; the lot:. Volumes Included: 48

Subject/Keywords: Political Science, History, Public Law, Economics, Sociology, Political Philosophy

Item #: 93879

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Archaeologiai Ertesito

Archaeologiai Ertesito / Budapest: 1888
volume 8, nos. 3-5; volumes 19-27, 29-34, 36-38, 40, 41, 46, 47, partly bound, (1888-1934 passim) sold as a lot. Volumes Included: 26

Subject/Keywords: anthropology periodicals

Item #: 116103


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Lettres Historiques; Contenant ce qui se passe de plus important en Europe et les reflexions necessaires sur ce sujet

/ A La Haye: Chez Adrian Moetjens, 1696
61 vols., lacks 1792#1l 1796#2l and 1709#4; old leather, some age spotting and old water stains with consequent marginal disintegration of some pages, general weakness or brittleness to covers; still a good example of a scarce news periodical. Volumes Included: 61

Subject/Keywords: european history office

Item #: 118191

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Advances in Protein Chemistry. Volumes 1-50 (1944-1997)

M. L. Anson (editor) / NY: 1944
Volumes 1-50 (1944-1997) , hardcovers, ex library but text clean & bindings tight. Volumes Included: 50

Subject/Keywords: Chemistry Physical Chemistry Organic Chemistry History of Science

Item #: 121254

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Agricultural Engineering. volumes 26-70, lacks three volumes

NA / NY: 1945
volumes 26-70, lacks three volumes, partly bnd.,. Volumes Included: 45

Subject/Keywords: Agriculture Agronomy Business History Economics Farming Ranching

Item #: 121266

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Proceedings. vols. 1-100

American Antiquarian Society. / Worcester 1881
volumes 1-100, partly bound, library markings, still good+. Volumes Included: 100

Subject/Keywords: Americana History Archaeology Literature Politics Government Travel Exploration Geography

Item #: 121295

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American Ceramic Society Bulletin. Volumes 1-73

American Ceramic Society / NY 1922
volumes 1-73; partly bound, some library markings, else overall a good-very good set. Volumes Included: 73

Subject/Keywords: Industrial Engineering Ceramic Science History of Technology

Item #: 121308

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